violin Overview

The violin is the highest sounding and most popular of the orchestral string instruments. It was invented around 1550 by the Italian instrument maker Andrea Amati. It was patterned after a similar instrument called the viol.

In an orchestra, the violins are divided into two sections, first violin and second violin. The first violin section is the most sought after section to be in because they get to play the melody most of the time. The second violin section plays the melody sometimes, but more often plays an accompanimental role.

The violin is the same instrument as a "fiddle." In some styles of music, such as Bluegrass, Country, and most types of folk music, the performers prefer to call it a fiddle, and classical musicians sometimes borrow this term when speaking casually about the violin.

The violin is a great instrument for a child to study because they are made in small sizes that fit kids even as young as three years old! As a child grows they can get successively larger sized instruments until they are able to handle the full sized violin, usually around age 14.

Some of the great violinists of the past are the Giovanni Viotti, Nicolo Paganini, Joseph Joachim, Pablo de Sarasate, Jascha Heifetz, and Henryk Wieniawski. A few of the greatest performers of today are Hillary Hahn, Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell, Janine Jansen, and Anne-Sophie Mutter. Well known pop and crossover violinists include Lindsey Stirling, David Garrett, Taylor Davis, Mark Wood, and Vanessa-Mae.

Violin for Beginner Playing

Learning the violin can be great fun and requires a lot of practice. We believe that the best way to get started is to play music that you like right away. You’ll need some instruction on the proper way to set up and tune your violin before starting and also how to learn from The String Club scrolling tablature videos. Watch the videos below and then try your hand at some of the beginner songs that we have selected if you are just getting started on your journey to violin playing.

What to Watch First to Get Started

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Violin Songs for Beginners

A great way to get started on the violin is to have a fun experience with playing music you know.  Our scrolling tablature violin videos are like playing a video game, except you are learning real music!  Try playing along with these easy songs to get used to following the scrolling tablature.  It is the easiest way to start learning fun music right away and you get to play along with backing tracks for a richer musical experience.

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Articles for Beginner Violin Students

Here are some articles that will help you practice the right way, develop the right attitudes for success in music, and assure that you are on the right track for your musical growth.  Its important to learn proper playing techniques, but it is equally important to "learn how to learn" a musical instrument.  If you have poor practicing habits, you may find that getting better at your instrument is an extremely slow process even though you are committed to it and practicing regularly.  Practicing the right way can supercharge your learning!

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For More Advanced Violinists

Have you already been playing for a while? If so, you may be ready for some more challenging pieces. Here is a selection of enjoyable music to get accustomed to our scrolling tablature videos. Some of the music here will require more challenging hand shapes, faster notes, and shifting into higher positions.  The great part of playing along with the scrolling tablature is that you can slow the music down to focus on the skills you need to build and make a practicing loop to work on the hard parts over and over.

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