Privacy statement

(As of December 5, 2018)

This privacy policy explains our privacy practices for the StringClub Learning Application.
Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy, and how we treat personally identifiable information collected from our users.
Your use of the StringClub application indicates your agreement to the Privacy Policy laid out below.

What information we collect and why we collect it:

Application Usage

We collect the data related to profiling of different parts of the application. This data is used for further enhancement of application and solely used by us.

User Ratings

When a user rates an item in the application, we send the rating to servers to update the average rating for the item. If the user has connected to with a user id and password, the rating is associated with the user id. If the user has not connected with a user id and password, the ratings are shared with a unique app id that is generated per installation of the application.

When a user id/password is used to connect the application to site, prior ratings made when the application was NOT connected to will be associated with the provided user id.

Ratings that are sent to server are associated with the user’s tcp/ip address, which is used to help stop abuse of the rating system.

The sharing of user ratings with server can be turned off on the advanced tab of the configuration view within the application. We’ve made the application to not share ratings when the option is turned off, but bugs can happen in the application that might share your ratings even though the option was shut off. It is recommended that you do not rate songs if there is a concern about your rating being shared with others. We never purposefully associate a user’s rating with their identity to share with others.

User Recordings

When a user makes a recording using the application, the storage location of the recording is determined by the location of the item the recording is associated with.

All recordings for items, songs and exercises that are stored locally on the user’s device are also stored on the user’s device. These items are referred to as “local content”.

When a user has connected the application to with a user id and password, new items, songs and exercises from the server can be shown in the application, which are called “server content”. Recordings made on server content are sent to and stored on the external servers.

User Songs and Exercises

When a user adds a new item, song or exercise to the application using the application interface, the item is stored locally on the user’s device and no information about the new item is sent to StringClub servers.

When a user has connected the application to with a user id and password, the user will be shown an option to “publish” their content to site. When the publish option is used on a song or exercise, the item and all of its related data are sent to StringClub servers and made available for other users of to use.

The whole point of publishing a song on is to make it available for other users and thus there should be no expectation of privacy for items shared with

In our opinion, the most sensitive information being collected by StringClub application are user recordings. Do not make recordings using The StringClub application or site that are so private that you would be personally damaged by their disclosure to others. We do not sell your recordings, but we don’t go to great lengths to protect your recordings.

In the plainest and clearest language we can possibly come up with; DO NOT MAKE RECORDINGS OF A PRIVATE AND SENSITIVE NATURE USING THE APPLICATION OR SITE!

The StringClub application does not collect detailed personal information beyond ratings, user recordings and user added content as outlined above.

Because the application allows the user to provide a user id/password to interact with site and server content, addition information about the user will be known to from the registration process. Payment information for membership is always managed by our trusted external partners, which neither nor the StringClub application collect.

We do not sell user information to 3rd parties, but the best way to keep your detailed personal information private is to not sign up for a membership on

The StringClub application and have been built and are run by a very small company. We do our best to make sure all data we do store in the application and on our servers are secure and not sold. That being said, it is possible that our servers could get hacked or the application on the user device could be compromised by other software installed on it. We cannot be held responsible for data stolen from us. We are continually trying to improve application and server security to avoid data theft.


The StringClub application is intended even for young children to use. However, It is not recommended that young children be allowed to use the application while it is connected to with a user id/password.

All official StringClub content, songs and items are intended for a general audience and do not contain content inappropriate for young children.


The StringClub application does not collect the user’s precise geographic location, but we do save the user’s tcp/ip address on our server when they rate an item and have not turned off sharing ratings in the application. We do use the tcp/ip address to get a better understanding of what parts of the world our users come from and to improve the nature of the application.
When a user signs up for a membership, additional information is gathered and stored. The StringClub application does not require signing up for a membership.


StringClub, Inc. reserve the right to change the terms of this privacy policy from time to time.

The new policy will be considered active immediately upon posting of changes to