Online Recording

Using our music tools to play along with songs players love is a great way to add another dimension of enjoyment when playing alone. All of the official StringClub songs have multiple tracks of instruments which act as backing tracks while playing along. Having another violin to play a duet with or quartet of string instruments playing along can increase interest in playing.

StringClub music tools also allows string players to record themselves while playing along with songs on the site. This is a powerful way to evaluate changes in skills over time. A string player can record themselves periodically on the same song and then compare the playing to hear how improvement is coming along. Online instructors can review player recordings to help provide feedback on areas for improvement.

The recording ability can also be used in a collaborative environment by allowing players to invite other players to record on their song. This can be a great way for multiple players to create their own recordings, even replacing all the backing tracks with their own recordings.

Another way recording can be used is by music instructors with multiple students. Instructors can invite all their students to record on their song, then mix the results as desired to create various mixes of students. This can be a great way to create a compilation recording of all the students together, which can be more difficult to do otherwise.