What Child is This

for violin


Learn how to play the notes of "What Child is This" on violin for free using our animated scrolling tablature including sheet music and tab options for the easiest way to quickly learn the music. Enjoy playing along with 3 backing tracks which you can control with the track display. Use this tutorial with our tab to learn the song without having to read notes in sheet music.

Composed by: Traditional
Uploaded December 10, 2014
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Practice Notes

This carol uses half position a few times, so if you are using the scrolling tablature, keep an eye out for the position indications on the right of the screen. When in half position, a 1 is now where L1 would usually be, a 2 is now where a L2 would usually be, etc. Also watch the left side of the screen for the slurs. Those are the curved lines that connect some of the numbers together. When you see that, keep the bow going in one direction during the curved line.

Practice Exercise Suggestions

To get used to playing in half position, practice this scale: G# Minor Scale
To work on slurs, use this exercise: Slurred Scale

What Child is This Information

With lyrics written by William Chatterton Dix in 1865, the melody of What Child is This, is based on the English folk song, Greensleeves. It is recorded that Dix, at the time of the writing of the lyrics, was struck by a severe illness. During his recovery, he was inspired to write several hymns based on bible verses. Dix's words paired with the melody of Greensleeves was first published in 1871 in a collection called Christmas Carols New and Old. It is not known who first thought to pair the lyrics with the old English folk tune, but it may have been prominent English composer John Stainer.
The lyrics refer to questions that the shepherds visiting Christ in the manger may have asked themselves and the answers to those questions.

Sheet Music Downloads

Violin Sheet Music:
What Child Sheet
Violin Tablature:
What Child Tab