The Entertainer

for viola


Learn how to play the notes of "The Entertainer Viola" on viola for free using our animated scrolling tablature for the easiest way to quickly learn the music. Enjoy playing along with 4 backing tracks which you can control with the track display. Use this tutorial with our tab to learn the song without having to read notes in sheet music.

Composed by: Scott Joplin
Uploaded August 11, 2017
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Scott Joplin wrote this ragtime classic in 1902.  Some people today will remember it from the Academy Award winning movie The Sting starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman in 1973.  The 1970s was a period of renewed interest in ragtime music, with Marvin Hamlisch winning a Grammy for his soundtrack for The Sting.  The Entertainer is among the most popular of ragtime melodies and has been transcribed for all instruments and all types of ensembles.  This version simply adds a viola playing the melody along with the original piano music.