Frère Jacques

for viola


Learn how to play the notes of "Frère Jacques Viola" on viola for free using our animated scrolling tablature including sheet music and tab options for the easiest way to quickly learn the music. Enjoy playing along with 5 backing tracks which you can control with the track display. Use this tutorial with our tab to learn the song without having to read notes in sheet music.

Composed by: Traditional French
Uploaded May 13, 2015
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Frère Jacques is known in English as "Are You Sleeping?" or "Brother John." This traditional French folk song is usually sung in a round, where one person starts singing, then others join in one at a time singing the same melody. A song must be composed so that the parts work together when sung one after another in a round. 

In this arrangement, there are three violas participating in the round with a bass playing throughout. Follow the finger numbers to learn how to play Frère Jacques on the viola!