Giving Back

For those who enjoy music, being able to learn how to play an instrument, and sharing what we have learned with others, is a big part of the pleasure we experience through music.

The Ambassador Program seeks to bring musicians together, both those who are new to the violin as well as those who have been playing a string instrument for some time. It’s about building community with other players from all over the world, and encouraging one another as we practice new songs and play the favorite music we have already mastered.

It is our dream to provide children with violin “kits” which include: a violin, bow, strings, tuner, mic an android tablet with StrongClub app installed, cable to connect the mic to the tablet, and a music stand. We are confident that these children will find StringClub instruction and music to be a big boost to their learning curve. Being a part of the StringClub community can help give these children, and all our “learners”, the confidence they need to continue learning and growing as musicians.

Ambassadors from around the world help others by spreading the word about how helpful StringClub has been in their own growth as musicians. Ambassadors are members of the StringClub community who want to do what they can to help other string players become more confident and proficient in their playing. Ambassadors are those who are happy to share what they have learned with others, give pointers on how become a better player, upload songs onto the site so that others can enjoy playing them. Ambassadors help StringClub become community. We invite you to become one of our Ambassadors.