Recent Surge to Fix Bugs

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    matt denman

    I’ve been fixing more bugs on the site lately and hope you’ve had a chance to use to various features of the site tools to see those. I’d really appreciate some feedback about those changes and if you’re still running into issues to post about them in this section of the discussion forums.

    We recently updated our IOS store app with a bunch of enhancements, new songs, and fixes with how the app works with the website. Look for more timely updates to the store apps to keep up with changes and overall improvements in its capabilities.

    One area we’ve been weak with is the editor for user uploads. I’ve made some improvements to make it possible to edit better, but am reworking the way note overrides are edited that will make it much faster and easier to edit bowing, finger, and hand information for tracks.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)