Paid for a membership, still blocked from printing?

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    Frank Pacella

    As the title says; sent in $5 for a monthly basic, and half the page is still blotted out by a wall of text asking for me to buy a premium account. The basic membership advertises that a $5 /mo plan gives you unlimited print access. So what gives? Is this website defunct and should I pursue a refund on PayPal or is this just incomplete coding?



    Song in particular:


    Matt D

    Not all songs can have sheet music. You can print any song with tab, but traditional sheet music is difficult to get correct when users merely upload a midi file. It takes a user editing their song and turning on the sheet music option in order for anyone to see the traditional sheet music. Otherwise, you would see different types of issues with the generacted sheet music without any edits to fix issues in the sheet music. We made the choice of making song uploaders edit their song for that feature rather than always show sheet music because we feel it is better to not show sheet music for a given song than to show bad sheet music.


    Richard Cranker

    Video 1 for Violin and Viola the instructor talks about a print-out for the exercises in video 1. I can not figure out where this is located.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)