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    Todd Markey

    There are still a few bugs we are working out of the interactive player. There are some sounds that don’t work, leaving some instruments out of the mix, or a silent playback altogether.

    Also, you may experience some odd behavior from the site when making recordings. After you have recorded a track, if you press play quickly, you won’t hear your recording. Stop the playback and wait a few seconds (5 or 10?) before pressing play again. There is a delay in the processing of the recording, but it should start shortly if you give it some time. Keep in mind that you can only hear your recording until you close or refresh the page. It doesn’t save permanently. We are developing that ability and will offer it soon.

    If you drag the blue slider (below the animated tablature) audio playback is sometimes not synched perfectly with the animation. Usually the best way to jump to a part of a song is to refresh the page and drag the slider to where you want while the playback is stopped.

    You may notice some other features not working correctly. Please let us know in this forum topic and we will fix these issues as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience. Its just two of us working on all this, so it takes a while to get everything done. We hope you are enjoying using our site!


    Playalong drop-down not working at all. Tried via IExplorer, Chrome and Firefox.


    Todd Markey

    Can you tell me how you are getting to the page where the dropdown doesn’t work? In other words, did you select a specific song, or click on one of the links for “Violin” “Melodies” or “Exercises?”

    If you go to this page, does the dropdown work?:


    Hi Todd, I have several questions after attempting to both upload MIDI files and use the app in my 4th grade strings class. First, the issue in class: I can get things to play on my laptop and my Android mini-tablet. However, two problems on my students’ iPad… 1) It is only possible to get to the Play Along drop-down, I have to hold and drag. The interface tried to instantly move to the Videos drop-down unless I hold and drag. Then, we got to the Viola Exercises, and chose our scale, but couldn’t get it to play. Is this not compatible with iPads? Then, my MIDI upload issue… I created a MIDI file in Sibelius, uploaded it to TheStringClub, only to see no fingering on the graphic fingerboard. Is this because I am working in Windows 7? I have resisted Windows 10, but will consider upgrading if this is the problem. What do you think?
    Thanks for all you do! ~Steffanie


    Hi Todd, I see that you sent me an email before my last post, so thank you for the info on how to upload and edit MIDI files. It seems that the problem with no animated fingering being visible is because I never clicked on an instrument choice when I uploaded it. Now, when I go back to edit, I can’t see those choices. Do I need to start over? The delete button didn’t respond when I tried it. My students seem excited about this program, so I hope we can get it working! The other thing I’m not sure about is the minimum platform requirement. Does it have to be Windows 10 or Android 5? I’m working with Windows 7 and Android 4.4.2.


    Todd Markey

    1) Ipad issue: I think what you are saying is that you could not access the “Play Alongs” menu item. Is that correct? You may need to hold the device in landscape orientation to reveal the menu items.

    2) Viola scale not playing: Do you mean the animation wouldn’t scroll, or that there was no audio? On Ipads, you have to press the button twice to start the animation. I just tested on my Ipad and it scrolls but with no sound. I think the recent software update may have changed how the sounds are played on Ipad browsers. I’ve sent a message to my tech partner to see if he can address that ASAP.

    3) MIDI upload not showing notes. I see your file in there and how it isn’t showing the fingerings. Sorry you are having all these problems!! I’ve actually never seen that happen before, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the formatting of the MIDI file. Could you send me the midi file and I’ll see if I can figure out what is going on? Please upload it at: I would bet there is a way to save the file with some different setting that will make it work. I don’t think it has anything to do with using Windows 7 versus 10. Don’t go changing your operating system just yet 🙂

    I’ll reply to your other post separately. Thanks so much for giving this a try and helping me find these bugs. Its always my goal to have everything work smoothly, but the site/apps are complicated enough that things fall through the cracks since its just me and a part time tech guy.


    Todd Markey

    1) Can’t change instrument: this isn’t actually the source of the problem, as I addressed in the previous message above. Instead its a MIDI formatting issue. However, you can change the animation to whichever instrument you want when you click the “Toggle Master Project Editors” button. Below where you can edit the “Difficulty” you’ll see “Tracks”. In the columns under that there is a place for changing the instrument that the notes will be displayed as. You shouldn’t need to start over – everything that you can input on the Upload window, you can edit again on the editor page.

    2) Delete button: Yes, sorry, the delete button doesn’t work yet. I can delete that Ode to Joy for you after I work with that MIDI file a bit.

    3) The system requirements that we state (Windows 10 & Android 5) are only for the mobile apps. If you are using the website rather than one of those apps, then your operating systems should be fine. If there is an issue of incompatibility, the site will give you a little red warning box when you try to play a song explaining that the operating system isn’t compatible. If you have any mobile devices that use Windows 10 or Android 5, please download the app and give it a try. It provides a smoother user experience.

    Again, thanks for working with all these features and helping me make the site better!



    would be nice to have filters were I can get all the top rated songs or all the classical songs, or all the “new songs” depending on which filter i choose

    the note- hit bar at the bottom of the player isn’t in calibration on some songs, the notes hit at the very bottom of the player for some reason.

    I suggest that you put a direct Paypal link for quick payment somewhere on the main website page for quicker, easier payments if possible.

    The player to have a larger, or “zoomed out” option so the player can see a great amount of notes that are far ahead. This means I would be able to play songs quicker for practice, or not have to pause the player to learn several parts of the song. I would actually pay extra for this option. I can take my laptop to a t.v screen and literally see the whole song laid out on the screen instead of watching a video which would be really, really nice. you can call it “modern sheet music”. would also pay to be able to print this “modern sheet music” that you could make.


    Todd Markey


    Thanks for these suggestions! The “zooming out” feature is already available on our app. If you have a Windows 10 or Android 5 device, give it a try! You can filter by any term that shows up in the song title or description. The way the library is laid out makes it easier to find the beginner/intermediate/advanced songs as well.

    Here is a link to a site where we are developing the app and you can use some of these features.

    To get a static sheet of music or tablature, click on a song, then click the icon with two music notes. It starts as sheet music, but you can change it to tablature (finger numbers) by clicking TAB in the upper right. Unfortunately not all songs have this feature yet. You can log in to see all the music by clicking the little gear symbol in the lower left.

    Give it a try and let me know what you think!


    Malvent Malevolent

    while uploading midi files to the app , i noticed it wont play the notes on the 2nd position or any other positions to be precise
    but Vivaldi’s winter does have those and it works perfectly
    how can i fix this ?
    thx for he reply


    Todd Markey

    Once you upload, you have the ability to edit fingerings, add bowings, and determine the positions. To see the editing window, open the page for your piece and click on the Wrench Icon. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see each note listed with several columns of editing capability. To change the position, click in the “Hand” column and select which position you want. It only goes to 7th position.

    Here is a tutorial on how to do basic editing on uploads:

    If you need more information, I’d be happy to do a Skype session with you sometime to show you how to edit in detail. Let me know if you are interested in that. Or just ask here if you have any other specifics you can’t figure out based on the video.



    Taylor Smith

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if this was intended or not. The bar thingy that sets the tempo for the songs I can’t use the tempo thingy on some songs but on very few It worked but those are the songs I don’t want to practice. So I just wanted to know if that was intentional or not.


    Todd Markey

    If you are on the website, the tempo tool should not work for any song unless you have a paid subscription. Then it should work for every song.

    If you are on the app then the tempo tool should work for all songs, but you’ll need a paid subscription to get access to more then just the songs that come with the app originally.

    Do you have a paid subscription or are you a free user?



    Nadja Steadman

    Hey there! So I was wondering if this happens to anyone else but it seems that on every song I’ve had a listen to on here doesn’t display any of the super high notes. I can hear them but they don’t show up on the video part or on the violin. It’s kind of difficult to figure out the exact note I need to be hitting when they aren’t displayed sometimes. Especially in songs like Lindsey Stirlings’. Thank you! ♥


    Todd Markey

    Thanks for asking about this. Those are member uploads where the member didn’t do the editing necessary to show the notes outside of first position. Our software doesn’t know how to choose fingerings out of first position yet (we may teach it to do that at some point). If there are a couple specific songs you’d like to play, I can go to that song and edit the fingerings.

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