Issues with Midi Uploading

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    Tom Pham

    Greetings Todd!

    First, can you delete all of my uploaded tracks under my username beside the one labeled “town theme” ? I read somewhere that you guys are still getting the Delete button to work.

    Also. I Cannot upload certain midi files (some work some don’t)
    I found a specific midi that definitely doesn’t work,

    Midi gets stuck here and doesn’t load the rest of the template.

    I have tried….

    1. Logging in Logging out
    2. Different browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome / Cleared Cache
    3. Removing All Midi tracks but one ( had 15 tracks, maybe their is a restriction?)
    4. Changing the instrument used to Piano ( maybe invalid instrument on my side vrs yours)
    5. Different File Names, Different Computers

    I am using MuseScore2.0 to compile, and synthesize the midi
    I have also ran the midi through Harmony Assistant -> exported midi -> same result.

    Link to Test Midi


    Tom Pham


    Firefox doesn’t seem to understand *.midi extension. Although in a perfect world * IS suppose to give you All selections after, I suggest adding a second file type for .midi as well rather then just *.midi

    (Chrome understands it though)

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    Todd Markey

    Thanks for this message. I’ll pass it on to my tech partner to figure out the problems. Thanks for telling me all the steps you did already – that will save us some effort.

    I believe I deleted everything except your song “ff1town”.


    Todd Markey

    Apparently there were some empty hidden tracks on that test file that were causing a problem. My tech partner said that there was only one track with anything on it, but there were two other blank tracks. He fixed the code so that when that happens, the blank tracks are just assumed to be violin tracks, but they won’t show anything instead of crashing the code.

    We think there also may be an issue with how some of the notes overlap each other in a single track. That is perfectly fine in audio playback of a midi, but it messes up the animation code, so it was problematic.

    Please understand that we haven’t solved every potential issue with midi file animation, and likely won’t be able to until we are making enough money to hire experts on this stuff. Its pretty much still the wild west here with just two of us creating all these abilities. All of this is just to say, thanks for your contributions, and please be patient/understanding if you can’t upload some things.

    Thanks again for your helpful input!



    Tom Pham

    Hey Todd,

    Your very welcome, I’m honestly just glad that you guys had put the website together, so anything that I can do to help you guys I’d be very happy with.

    The test midi I’ve sent should have two blank tracks on it on purpose. (I wanted to see if having a different combo of tracks would fix/break the issue). Hrm, but you guys are def on to something. When I have time later tonight I’ll see if I can confirm it and let you guys know.

    Again, thank you for putting this website together. You have no idea how often I use it.


    Apolinar Navarro

    Does adding blank tracks fix the upload issue? Or just making the midi file a single track? I’m using chrome and I’m having issues on uploading my midi file. It has two tracks a violin track and a grand piano one too. I’m using MuseScore to write the midi files from sheet music, if that matters at all.


    Todd Markey

    Can you send it to me and I’ll see if I can tell why its not uploading? Use this page:

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